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Online Reputation Management

Reputation Management Can Help any Organization to Constantly Improve

Reputation management comes after you have fully understood how the reputation of a business or even an individual, is affected by actions taken during the course of conducting business or dealing with others. Earlier this was considered a part of public relations.

Reputation management involves monitoring the reputation of the business or person and addressing the issues that are affecting the reputation negatively. Such reputation management can be pro-active or reactive. It can be easier to deal with this aspect of image building by ensuring that any system for monitoring is fully automated. This has become much easier with the use of the internet, and it is easy for such PR managers to get full information on every reference made regarding the business or person on the World Wide Web. This brings in a lot of information, which when properly analysed will indicate the perception of the reputation in the eyes of customers or the public at large.

It is very important for any exercise that involves online reputation management that an avenue is given for customers or others to express their views openly on forums like Facebook, local directory sites, etc. This is a reactive form of the management but can be quite effective, if enough importance is given to the grievances and complaints and effective action taken to take corrective action. At this stage, it is very important to have a proper communication with the aggrieved customer, and ensure that not only an action taken but to deal with some SEO strategies. Take for example, giving publicity to such efforts can allow for a better public image.

Positive reviews must be encouraged and given a lot of publicity. At the same time effort must be made to ensure that such reviews are genuine and easily verifiable, by anyone. Response to negative reviews must be immediate and done without any sense of being let down. Many companies use such negative reviews to constantly change their products and services, and this goes a long way to reinforce their positive reputation, as well as increasing sales. It also allows businesses to constantly be aware of what the customers require and at times may enforce innovation and technological improvements in products.

A proper review of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that an organization or person faces will greatly help to enhance reputation, if such assessment is made fearlessly and frankly. This helps to augment the positives while action can be taken to tackle the negatives, or at least ensure that they do not mar the reputation.

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