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Here are 5 tips for anyone wanting information about WordPress web design by Trish Riedel from Top Web Design Gold Coast

Be Careful With Color

One problem that many designers have is figuring out how to effectively use colour. While you want to call attention to your page, it is never a good idea to overdo it with your colour palette. Ideally, you should use two complementary colors when building a site. If you are intent on adding more, you should add no more than one additional hue, and it should serve as an accent to the main colors scheme of the site.

Save Images With Low Resolution

When you plan to use images on your site, it is important for you to save them at the lowest possible resolution youTop Web Design Gold Coast can use where they will still look attractive. This will help your site’s pages load much faster, which is crucial when you are trying to attract visitors. If you ignore this tip, and it takes too long for pages to load due to heavy images, you will lose a large part of your intended audience.

Join WordPress Blogs And Forums

One thing you must understand about WordPress is the fact that there are changes made to it all the time. If you want to get the most out of your experience, it is important for you to stay on top of things. One way to achieve this would be to join as many blogs and forums as you can.

Signing up is certainly not enough. You should subscribe to newsletters if they are available, participate in discussions and read content on a regular basis. Failing to use the site to your advantage means that you may not be able to reap all of the benefits that are offered to WordPress users.

Font Means Everything

When people head to your site, one of the first design elements they will notice is the font. If you are looking for a way to catch their attention, use a font that is a bit more stylish than basic block lettering. With that said, try not to use something that is far too fancy and out of the box since this may make it difficult for some visitors to read it. For instance, some script style fonts are so ornate that they make it hard to discern between several letters.

Aim For An Uncluttered Page

It can be exciting when you are first becoming familiar with WordPress. All of the plug-ins, themes and page elements can make it very easy for someone to go overboard. Try your best to create a page that is as simple as possible and flows nicely. The fewer elements you have on the page, the more people will be able to focus on what matters. Your page should not be so loud and garish that people will have a hard time staying on the page and enjoying all of the content you have to offer.

WordPress can seem rather complicated to those who are not particularly familiar with it. Even so, having the right information at your fingertips will help you master the art of smart design. Now that you have this advice available to you, there should be no reason for you to have a tough time when you are trying to create a winning page.

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